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Winter pruning at Bodegas Olivares

By 30 December, 2020News

Diary of the winery 

We love to share what we do…

Winter pruning at Bodegas Olivares.

After all intense and production it’s time for our vines to rest. They well-deserved it. The canes need to be cut. This is not everyone’s job, it need some kind of knowledge and planning ahead because it will be reflected in following year’s production and the way the vine is shaped.

The canes are smashed and left in the soil surface. Also there are highly demanded by local people and restaurants to cook local paella on fire. This is a really delicious dish that everybody coming nearby should try. Please mind that paella is very attached to Levante area which include Valencia Region and Murcia. The most well-known are sea food based but as you travel in land, paella is traditionally made with rabbit, mountains snails, and thyme.

It could sound weird, but even if you are not a big fan or not very kind on snails, the flavour left on the paella, is one of the key ingredients and I strongly recommend you to give it a go. In order to encourage people, I would say the flavour left it remind me some earthiness like the one found in ceps. The combination with the local thyme 

Juicy and fruity Monastrell goes very well with it and Olivares Tinto is an excellent combination if you like to warm up.

Often people think in Spain as warm and super-hot climate and, it is indeed from May until September and nowadays we still have very warm days up to November. In Jumilla wine region we enjoy the Mediterranean climate that gives over 3000 hours of sunlight through the year and relatively steady temperatures but there is a bit of continental influence with northern inland winds also altitude plays a big part.  We already registered 0 degrees early morning this October.

What makes this place unique and remarkable for our vines to grow it’s the sandy soils, the winds, nature, and aspect sites of the vineyards.  Taking into consideration that this is dry farmed with not additional irrigation, vines needs all these sources to go through.

They are a real example of consistency and strength, they respond incredibly well as they are adapted to any challenge ahead. Arid years, snow, temperatures below. 

I personally get amazed how nature can give so much asking for so little in exchange. And somehow, these simple things fill my days with a sense of wonder on my daily basis. 


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