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Since 1930

Almost a century ago, Pascual Olivares Fernandez was convinced that Monastrell – our region’s original variety and incredibly well-adapted to its poor soils and scarce rains – was able to yield distinctive wines that reflected our land’s character. He began producing small quantities of wine to supply his region, and Bodegas Olivares was thus born.

A family history, Bodegas Olivares

marked by love wine.


Sons of the founder, Vicente and Celestino, perpetuated the family winery and expanded the sales nationally.


With the third generation, Vicente’s sons began exporting from Spain.


Each year, from the beginning of the winery, the family elaborated a sweet wine for their own consumption. But in 1998 they began to commercialize it. It was a sensation in Spain and soon became a reference in the country for sweet red wines.


Being aware of the quality and balance of their grapes, and inspired by the Dulce’s success, Olivares decided to focus on the elaboration and bottling of dry red wines. With the new century, Altos de la Hoya was born.


Today we continue producing wines with character that print our valued vineyards and look to the future without forgetting our roots.

Today, we keep elaborating wines with the personality and character of our priceless vines, looking to the future without forgetting our roots.